Community Grant Applications

Napanee District Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Lennox & Addington County through the creation and management of funds, gifted in perpetuity, and the distribution of their earnings for charitable purposes including social services, arts and culture, health, education, recreation, environment, youth and seniors.

You are eligible if your organization supports NDCF initiatives and possesses a charitable registration number from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Applications for grants are received by the Foundation from various non-profit community organizations. Requests are reviewed by the Grant Making Committee and considered against the requirements of the various funds.

Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2017 Community Grants, but you are welcome to download the application form to familiarise yourself with it before the 2018 forms are released.

Download our 2017 Community Grants Program application form.

Helpful Hints

Prior to starting the application, you are encouraged to carefully read through the entire application package.

Determine if information will have to be gathered from other members of your organization. Consult those people early on to gather all the information required (e.g. the treasurer may have to provide certain financial statements)

Read carefully. Be sure that you are providing the information asked for, not what you think might be interesting to know. More information is not necessarily better if it is not what is being requested.

Follow the instructions. The instructions are clear about how long the answer should be, and what should be included. Stick to the guidelines. If the assessors have to debate about the application being 5 pages too long, they are missing the point of the worthwhile venture that you want them to know about.

Complete all sections. Leaving a question blank means that the assessors don't have all the necessary information to make a decision.

Print neatly on the information form. The easier it is to read the application form the easier to assess it.

Do not include brochures. Do not guess on what is being asked. If you have a question, please contact us and we will gladly explain the information which the Foundation requires.

Download our Helpful Hints.